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The Importance of Regular Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Most homeowners are unaware of the condition of the gutters on their homes simply because they are uneducated about how important it is to inspect and maintain them. Just like anything else in your home, gutters require routine maintenance to remain efficient and safe for many years. Neglecting to clean your gutters or seek out roof repairs in Toronto when necessary can cost you much more than the hour or two it took to clean them out.

Why Gutter Cleaning Matters

It is recommended that you clean your gutters once a year, preferably in the spring or fall to remove fallen leaves and pine needles. Because it can often be a dangerous task, Alpine Roofing can assist homeowners in the GTA with gutter cleaning and maintenance. While it may be at the bottom of the to-do list for some homeowners, there are some critical reasons why it is important:

  • It Prevents Costly Problems - Most homeowners wait until there is an issue with their gutters to clean or fix them. By then a gutter may be pulling away from the roof or wreaking havoc on the foundation. By cleaning them regularly, you can avoid costly repairs including damaged fascia, soffits and premature aging of your roof.
  • Water Damage -Your gutters help water properly flow away from your home and foundation. When they are not working, the water has nowhere to flow except back into the house. Cleaning gutters regularly can keep water from entering your attic, leaking inside the home or causing foundation damage.
  • Value -Properly maintained gutters can improve the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. They can also keep expensive landscaping looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Contact a Trusted Roofing Service in Toronto for Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Many homeowners avoid gutter cleaning simply because they do not want to stand on a ladder at an elevated height. Luckily, Alpine Roofing offers roof repairs and gutter cleaning services in the GTA including Toronto, Scarborough and Etobicoke. Our roofers will not only clean the gutters, but can also perform other essential maintenance tasks involving downspouts and drainage issues.

If it is time for your annual gutter cleaning, contact Alpine Roofing today. Our professionals can come out to your home, inspect your gutters, clean them the right way and perform repairs as needed. If your gutter’s downspouts are still connected to the city’s sewer system, we can remove the connection to ensure you are in full compliance.

Get started by requesting a free estimate for your gutter maintenance. Alpine Roofing provides professional roofing services in the Greater Toronto Area. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 416-469-1939 or filling out the online contact form.